Outdoor Umbrella

The Best Patio Umbrella in Dubai

Brand : Prostor

Authorized exclusive distributor of Proster from Belgium in GCC & MENA Region.

Center Pole, Side Pole, Wall-Mount & Multiple Canopies Umbrellas

Every pergola design ideas at La Veranda is unique and suits your lifestyle giving your outdoor living space charm and unique uplift. Long-lasting, durable and creative pergolas are sure to adorn your outdoors, garden and even patio!

  • Shape: square, rectangular or round
  • Fixation: steel base, floorplate, groundanchor or wall brackets
  • Operation: manual or motorized


Enjoy gentle breeze on hot sunny days under vibrant outdoor umbrellas that is sure to decorate your patio and garden landscape. Have a coffee break or laze around – the outdoor umbrellas are best buddies to bring you utmost comfort! Different type of outdoor umbrellas has been partnered with outdoor furniture, garden landscape ideas and patio decorations. Outdoor umbrellas protect you from harsh UV rays from sun and lets gentle cool breeze pass through you, giving you absolute relaxation and peace. Weather-proof outdoor umbrellas are highly durable and have long life. Creative outdoor umbrellas have been proud possession for many that neatly compliments your outdoor living! Let us surf through some of the unique outdoor umbrellas for your outdoor living

Patio Outdoor Umbrellas

The uncovered patios can go for special sun-shade umbrellas that blocks maximum UV rays protecting you from harsh sun rays. The fabric of the umbrella is weather-proof and the rod of the patio umbrella is made up of aluminum that is light weight and highly durable. Vibrant colors of outdoor umbrellas have been decorating the outdoor patios. Relax with your family and friends for a coffee break and snacks under patio outdoor umbrellas.

Pool Outdoor Umbrellas

Outdoor umbrellas near swimming pool are specially designed water-proof umbrellas that comes with different types of frame, fabric and rod. From small to large sized pool outdoor umbrellas are designed for those relaxing afternoons after a fresh bath. Protecting the skin from tan, these swimming pool umbrellas comes with wooden frame or aluminum frame and fabric that filters harmful rays, but lets out cool breeze that relaxed your entire body.

Garden Outdoor Umbrellas

Hot summer days or rainy or winter days, garden umbrellas with weather-proof traits are added décor to your garden. You can dine in your garden with family and friends under beautiful shades of garden umbrellas. These cost-effective garden umbrellas can be definitely pride possession for your garden where you don’t want to spend much on heavy outdoor furniture. The garden umbrellas compliment well with your outdoor dining table and chair, coffee-table set or sun lounger adding comfort and style.

Designer and Creative Outdoor Umbrellas

People often exhibit their creative passion for exclusive designer and creative outdoor umbrellas in their outdoor living. Sketch your garden landscape with beautiful designer outdoor umbrellas that not only adds style statement but are also weather and comfort friendly. Bamboo umbrellas, Coolaro umbrellas, Solar LED outdoor umbrellas, Logo umbrellas, Chic garden umbrellas with wooden frames, Pagoda Umbrellas, twin umbrellas and different shaped outdoor umbrellas all add extra décor to your outdoor living while displaying your creative thoughts and designs.

Tilt Outdoor Umbrellas

You can escape from sun all the time, with the tilted outdoor umbrellas that adds comfort according to your wish. These tilted outdoor umbrellas can be titled to the degree you desire. They come in different shades and style with aluminum or wooden frame and rod that are scratch-resistant and light-weight. These umbrellas can be shifted to different place at ease. Get perfect-shade experience with beautiful striped and colored tilt outdoor umbrellas that adds beautiful design element around every outdoor living. There are different types of outdoor umbrellas that can be selected based on the manufacturer, material, design, different weather conditions, cost and other factors. Stay tuned with La Veranda!

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